What could you do if... you could manage your anger and build better relationships?
(strategies to calm your anger)

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Step by step strategies to manage your anger and remain calm under pressure

Have you ever wondered why some people manage to stay calm and in control, even in the face of great adversity; while other become angry and irritated?

Looking back through life, it's not hard to see the damaging effects which arise when you lose control and are overcome by anger.

"Manage your anger, maintain self-control and build better relationships"

This is for you if...

Your anger is coming between you and the life you want to live

  • You are easliy irritated, causing you to lose control over things that don't really matter.
  • You automatically assume the worst when others don't do as you wish which causes friction in all your relationships.
  • You are incredibly tough on yourself when you make mistakes, making you the biggest victim of your anger problem
  • You find it difficult to manage disagreements without becoming angry or aggressive becasue you take it personal when others disagree.

Don't sit in silence! learn to manage your anger today!

When you implement the strategies contained in this book, you will experience the following benefits:

Greater Confidence

Self-control is a critical element in confidence. It allows you to remain calm and composed under pressure.

Increased Passion

With anger and self-doubt removed, you can be more passionate and motivated about your goals.

Improved Performance

You will be able to think clearer and perform better under pressure which will lead to better results.

Increased Happiness

Nobody enjoys being angry all of the time. Removing anger and the resulting stress allows you to be happier.

Better Decisions

Eliminating anger removes a fog from over your brain and allows you to become focused and think clearly.

Increased Influence

Those who remain calm under pressure domonstrate leadership skills and inspire others to trust and believe in them.

Career Success

The inability to retain control of their temper has cost many people a job. Nobody wants to be abused.

Open More Doors

A calm, confident demeanour will open more doors for your than angry demands ever will.

Improved Communication

When anger and emotion are removed from communication, you are left with truth and facts .

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You don't have to sit in silence and accept things as they are. You can learn to manage your anger and build better relationships today!

Anger Management Handbook ebook png

You Will Learn:

How to recognise the type of anger you experience. There are many different types of anger which you might experience. They occur for different reasons, have different impacts and require different interventions to tackle them..

How your anger may be damaging your life. If managed appropriately, anger can be very beneficial. However, when you fail to manage your anger appropriately, there are a wide range of negative consequences which may occur.

How you can manage your anger. There are many different strategies which can help you to  manage your anger so that you may begin building better relationships. You will identify the best strategies to begin your journey to an anger-free life.

Really Hits The Spot

"When I read Carthage's writing, it really hits the spot. It is as if he has written the book specifically for me."

Louise Donaldson, Cardiff, Wales

I Only Have Myself To Blame

"I realise now that my anger has done so much damage to my life. While not all of that damage can be repaired, I am determined to repair what I can and, build better relationships for the future."

Lucy Adams, United Kingdom

Anger Management Handbook Checklist

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Anger Management Handbook Resource Guide

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Bonuses: Anger Management Handbook Checklist and Resource Guide

The 'Anger Management Handbook' Checklist summarises all of the key points from the main book; allowing you to refresh your knowlege rapidly and effectively.

The 'Anger Management Handbook' Resource Guide provides yoiu with a broad range of resources to continue your learning.

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It's Easy To See The Difference

"My wife was often afraid of the old me. After working with Carthage, I have learned to reduce my anger. I really have made great strides and my home life is now better than ever. "

James Andrews, Canada

What A Difference Respect Makes

"I get more respect in the workplace becasue I no longer manage through fear. Respect begets respect and respect is now the basis of each of my relationships."

John Dunican, Ireland


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Get instant access to the Anger Management Handbook now!

Learn to unlock your communication skills by preventing anger and emotions from seizing control of your communication.

Anger Management Handbook ebook png

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