what would you do if you could... Redefine success, break free from bad habits and fulfill your potential
(Build the habits of success!)

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Your guide to building the habits that support the goals you aspire to.

Success does not mean the same thing for each person. We all have our own goals and dreams.

The most successful people have built habits that assist them on their way to achieving their own personal vision of success. Now you can too...

"Redefine success, break free from bad habits and fulfill your potential."

Building the Habits of Success is for you if...

You are an ambitious person who finds it difficult to pursue your goals and ambitions due to bad habits and poor discipline.

  • You want to progress in your career but you keep hitting road blocks.
  • You know what you need to do but you struggle to get it done.
  • You consistently settle for less than you desire and deserve because you lack the self-discipline to take the next step.
  • You have the desire and the vision; you just need the discipline to get it done.

build the habits of success! Dream big, live large and love life!

When you Build the Habits of Success you will realise the following benefits and more:

Love Life

With greater self belief and confidence you will approach life with renewed enthusiasm.

Greater Influence

With success habits, you get the job done consistenly. As a successful peson, you will have greater influence.

Career Confidence

When you have great habits and self-discipline, you can trust and believe in yourself to take on bigger challenges.

Awareness & Understanding

The first step in any change is to gain awareness and understanding. This book will give you that knowledge.

Better Decision Making

You will stop settling for second best because you will believe in your ability to follow through on your decisions.

Improved Motivation

When you actually believe that you can achieve your objectives, you are more motivated to take action.

Improved Performance

Better decisions, increased motivation and improved performance all lead to improved performance and results.

Assertive Communication

Your increased confidence in your abilty to get things done will allow you to commmunicate confidently.

Better Ideas

With the confidence that you can do anything you desire, you become bolder and more ambitious.

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As difficult as it may seem, building the habits of success is fully within your control. You can choose the path of self-discipline and high performance.

The Habits of Success cover 3d png

you will learn to:

Redefine success. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they allow others to define success for them. Then they lack the motivation to achieve that success - because it is not what they really want.

Break free from bad habits. People regulary try to improve their habits by eliminating the bad habits. That is actaully one of the toughest ways to try to do it. You will learn an easier, more effective way to improve your habits.

Prepare for the challenge of improving your habits. It is easier to improve your habits when you have a realistic view of what to expect and a plan for dealing with it. This eBook provides that plan.

Really Hits the Spot

"When I read Carthage's writing it really hits the spot. It is as if he has written the book specifically for me."

Louise Donaldson, Cardiff, Wales.

A different approach

"I have always wanted to get more work done and I have tried different approaches to instill good habits. 'Building the Habits of Success' takes a different approach and it has made a difference for me."

Lisa Summers, Australa

Building the Habits of Success Checklist

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Building the Habits of Success Resource Guide

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Bonuses: Building the Habits of Success Checklist and Resource Guide

The 'Building the Habits of Success' Checklist covers all of the key points from the eBook; allowing you to refresh your learning quickly and easily.

The 'Building the Habits of Success' Resource Guide provides you with a wide range of resources to take your learning to the next level.

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A wonderful kick start

"This guide has given me a wonderful kick start to achieving the weight loss I have always wanted."

Carmel Rogers, Ireland

A practical, how-to guide

"A simple, practical how-to guide which, if you follow the advice provided, will help you to make major improvements."

John Wilson, Canada


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Choose to live a confident life where you conceive challenging goals, believe in your ability to achieve those goals and, reap all the benefits of achieving those goals.

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