What could you do if... you commanded respect every time you spoke?
(be persuasive and influential)

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A powerful guide to help you communicate with confidence

Learning to speak in a way that encourages listening can have numerous benefits. Imagine how your life might be different if others made it a point to seek out your thoughts and opinons.

"Powerful, step by step strategies that anyone can implement"

This is for you if...

You struggle to communicate clearly and effectively and/or people tend not to value what you have to say.

  • You feel that your opinions are not valued because you don't command respect when you communicate.
  • You get frustrated because you cannot seem to get your viewpoint across, even when you are certain that you are right.
  • You lack the assertiveness to disagree with others, no matter how much you think they are wrong.
  • You wish to perform better in social situations and, you know that improving your communication is essential for doing so.

Don't sit in silence! learn how to talk so others will listen!

When you implement the strategies contained in this book, you will experience the following benefits:

Greater Social Confidence

When you have the right communication strategies, you will socialise more successfully.

Passionate Communication

Speaking with confidence and passion will become second nature as you are true to what you believe.

Improved Performance

You will experience improved performance and results by delivering clear instructions and feedback.

Increased Happiness

Bad communication is stressful. Peaceful communication is stress free and enjoyable.

Better Decisions

Increased confidence and improved communication leads to better decisions.

Increased Influence

When you have strong communication skills you will feel like you have the key to others' minds.

Career Success

No man is an island. You must be able work with and communicate effectively with others.

Open More Doors

If you are easy to talk to and get along with, more people will be willing to provide you with opportunities.

All vs Best

When people value your opinions, you get talked to; not talked at. You get to offer your thoughts too.

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You don't have to sit in silence and accept things as they are. You can choose to learn and implement effective communication strategies today.

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You Will learn:

The essentials of communication .You will communicate in a clear manner which encourages the listener to give your their full attention and open up to the discussion. Along with learning what to say, you will learn the key things that you must not say.

Assertiveness techniques. Assertiveness techniques are simple communication methods which you can implement whenever you notice the potential for conflict. They help turn conflict into constructive conversation.

To use feedback effectively. Feedback is an essential tool in all areas of life. It allows you to be assertive, stating your thoughts without causing unnecessary discomfort for others. When used properly, feedback will help the recipient to learn, develop and improve their performance.

Really Hits The Spot

"When I read Carthage's writing, it really hits the spot. It is as if he has written the book specifically for me."

Louise Donaldson, Cardiff, Wales

I Finally Speak My Mind

"After years of biting my tongue, I finally speak my mind when I disagree with what is being said. It may seem like a small feat but it means the world to me."

Aidan Simpson, Ireland

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Bonus: How to Talk So Others Will Listen Workbook

The 'How To Talk So Others Will Listen' Workbook contains worksheets for every lesson within the book.

When you are anticipating an important conversation, you can work through the relevant worksheets to make sure that you are focused and on message.

The worksheets can also be used for review and learning from experiences.

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I Feared Upsetting Others

"I would never complain when I received poor service. I feared upsetting others. With Carthage's feeback strategies, I now have no hesitation making a complaint. And, to date I have not received any negative feedback in return."

Angela Di Polo, New Jersey

I Was Making So Many Mistakes

"I could never understand why my communication skills were so lacking. After reading 'How To Talk So Others Will Listen', I now realise that I was making so many mistakes. They were only small mistakes but they had a big impact.

I may never have perfect communication skills but I am doing a whole lot better now."

Tony Smith, Manchester, United Kingdom


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Get instant access to our How to Talk So Others Will Listen now!

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