​How would you feel if you could... ​reduce stress and conflict in your life?
(​tackle passive aggressive behaviour)


​The no-nonsense, step by step guide to tackling passive aggressive behaviour

​When you understand what Passive Aggressive Behaviour is and, how to tackle it, you will be able to enjoy happy, healthy and harmonious relationships with your loved ones.

"​Powerful, step by step strategies to elminate needless conflict"​​​​​


This is for you if...

​You are struggling to communicate clearly and effectively and you regularly encounter stress and conflict due to broken communication.

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    ​You are struggling to establish honest and open communication with one or more people in your life.
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    ​​Your inability to communicate leads to frustration, stress, conflict or aggression.
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    ​You experience mood swings from the pent up frustration caused by the inability to express your feelings and opinions,
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    ​You are struggling to deal with someone who exhibits some or all of the above.

​You will experience the Following benefits you learn to... ​tackle passive aggressive behaviour!

​Implement the strategies in the course and you will:

​Enjoy Happier Relationships

​When two people are able to communicate as equals, greater harmony and happiness follow.

​Receive More Opportunities

​When you develop a stress free communication style more people want to work with you.


​Improved Performance

​Clear and effective communication is critical for getting important work done.

​Make Better Decisions

​Conflict and stress impair your ability to make effective decisions.  More peace leads to better decisions.

​Improved Confidence

​You will become more confident and motivated to be the person you want to be.


​You will be more aware of the signs of Passive Aggressive Behaviour and you will know how to respond.

​Clearer Thinking

​When you remove the stressful thoughts and fears from your mind you can think more clearly.

​Career Advancement

​In your career you will meet all types of people. You need to be able to communicate and work with them all.

​Leadership Skills

​The ability to handle conflict and stressful situations is essential for strong leaders.

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​You Will Learn To:

​Recognise the signs of Passive Aggressive Behaviour. ​A person with Passive Aggressive Behaviour has many ways to disguise their feelings. You will learn to recognise the signs so that you can intervene before the situation escalates.

​Identify the underlying causes. ​Understanding the potential causes of an individual's Passive Aggressive Behaviour will allow you to approach the situation with a greater sense of empathy, thus improving the quality of the communication and the relationship.

​Communicate effectively. ​With proper communication strategies, the person with Passive Aggressive Behaviour is forced to let go of their vague behaviour. Gradually, trust is built and they communicate more freely; allowing you to help them identify and deal with the real issues.


​Really Hits The Spot

​When I read Carthage's writing or, listen to him speak; it really hits the spot. It is as if he has ​created the content specifically for me"

​Louise Donaldson, Cardiff, Wales

​I Had Nowhere Left To Hide

"When I ​studied 'Passive Aggressive Behaviour', I realised that I had nowhere left to hide. My problems were not going to solve themselves. 

I have implemented the strategies; and I have seen steady improvement. My problems have not disappeared but they are smaller than they used to be!"

​John Aiken, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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​Bonus: The Passive Aggressive Behaviour Workbook

To reduce your use of Passive Aggressive Behaviour, you need to have a better understanding of your own behavoiur and; you need to prepare for your most important conversations.

With  the'Passive Aggressive Behaviour Workbook' you will have a selection of worksheets designed to give you that better understanding and; help you prepare your conversations.

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​From Hell To A Haven

"I purchased 'Passive Aggressive Behaviour" because I wanted help to deal with my husband's Passive Aggressive tendencies. Not only did the strategies​ help me but I realised that I too had developed some of these behaviours which needed to be dealt with.

One year later and our home has gone from hell to a haven.​

​Anna Kowalcyzk, Pennsylvania

​Money Well Spent

​"Easy to ​absorb, simple strategies, great results and money well spent.

​Raymond Minnock, Ireland


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