​What Could You Do if... ​you could easily deal with difficult people?
(​​​lose your stress; not your sanity)

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​A step by step guide to confidently dealing with difficult people

​Living and working with difficult people is a reality we cannot avoid. If you don't learn to deal with them; you really can lose your mind.

​Adding a few key skills will help you to reduce conflict and stress while building positive and powerful relationships.

"​The most practical approach to keeping your cool and your sanity"​​​​​


This is for you if...

​You struggle to communicate clearly and effectively and/or people tend not to value what you have to say.

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    ​You feel that your opinions are not valued and, you are treated with disrespect.
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    ​You get frustrated because you cannot seem to get your viewpoint across even when you believe you are right.
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    ​You lack the assertiveness to disagree with others, no matter how much you think they are wrong because you are afraid of how they will respond..
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    ​You wish ​could stand your ground and command the respect you know you deserve.

Don't ​sit in silence! ​learn to deal with difficult people today!

​When you implement the strategies contained within this book, you will experience the following benefits:

​Greater Social Confidence

​When you learn to handle the difficult people in your life; you will have greater confidence in your social interactions.

​Passionate Communication

​Speaking with confidence and passion will become second nature as you learn to manage the difficult people.


​Improved Performance

​You will experience improved performance and results by working better with others.

​Increased Happiness

​Conflict and arguments are stressful. Peaceful communication is stress free and enjoyable.

​Better Decisions

​Reduced stress and conflict create a clearer mind which leads to better decisions.

​Increased Influece

​When you can manage all types of people, you will feel like you have the key to others' minds.

​Career Success

​No man is an island. You must be able to work with and communicate effectively with others.

​Open More Doors

​If you are easy to talk to and get along with, more people will be willing to provide you with opportunities.

​Two-way Conversation

​When people stop seeing you as an opponent, you get talked to; not talked at. You get to offer your thoughts too.

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​You don't have to sit in silence and accept things as they are. You can choose to learn and implement effective communication strategies today.

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​you will learn:

​The different types of difficult people. ​There are many types of difficult people who pose a variety of different challenges to you in your daily life. You will learn to differentiate between them which will allow you to determine the appropriate response.

​Strategies to deal with difficult people. ​Each type of difficult person requires a different strategy to handle them effectively. You will learn the right strategy to use for each situation.

​To manage others by managing yourself. ​No matter how hard you try, you cannot make others do as you wish. Difficult situations are like a dance where you must take the lead by changing your behaviour in a manner that brings the other person with you.


​Really Hits The Spot

​"When I read Carthage's writing, it really hits the spot. It is as if he has written the book specifically for me."

​Louise Donaldson, Cardiff, Wales

​I Focus On Mutual Respect

​"I have learned to command respect from difficult people by showing them resepct first."

​John Meehan, Ireland

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​Bonus: Deal With Difficult People Workbook

​The 'Deal With Difficult People' Workbook contains worksheets to help you implement the key learnings from the book.

​The worksheets provide the opportunity for reflection, review and learning from your experiences.

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​I Feared Upsetting Others

​"I feared upsetting others so I would always back down at the first sign of difficulty. Now I have the skills to manage the difficult situation and stand my ground; all while being respectful."

​Daniel Masters, New York

​I Eliminated Simple Mistakes

​"I have always found conflict difficlut to deal with. Now I have great strategies for dealing with a difficult situation before it escalates to conflict."

​Ian Thompson, Liverpool, United Kingdom


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