​What could you do if... ​you could love and trust yourself; even when times get tough?
(​unlock your self-esteem)

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​A step by step guide to unlocking your self-esteem.

​Have you ever wondered why some people have no self-doubt issues at all? Inside this eBook, you'll learn the truth, the formula for adjusting your mindset, and how to give yourself the life you deserve.

​Looking back through life, it's not hard to take note of one thing that may have stopped you from achieving a lot of goals and such - Self Doubt i.e. Low Self-Esteem.

"U​nlock your self-esteem; unlock your potential for health, happiness and success."​​​​​


This is for you if...

​You lack trust and belief in yourself.

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    ​You are fearful in social situations
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    ​You avoid situations which may lead to any level of discomfort.
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    ​You are overcome by fears and doubts which hold you back from achieving your goals
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    ​You say 'No' to new opportunities though you would really like to say 'Yes'

Don't ​sit in silence! ​learn to unlock your self-esteem today!

​When you implement the strategies contained with this book, you will experience the following benefits:

​Greater Confidence

​When you learn to place a greater value on your needs, you gain greater self belief and confidence.

​Increased Passion

​You will have a new found respect for yourself which gives you the passion to pursue your goals and objectives.


​Improved Performance

​When you push your boundaries you discover energy and resources you never knew you had.

​Increased Happiness

​When you respect yourself and, refuse to accept disrespect from others, you are naturally happier.

​Bettter Decisions

​Decisions are no longer based on the demands of others, they are focused on choosing the best option for you.

​Increased Influence

​When you respect yourself, you communicate that you deserve respect and others naturally oblige.

​Career Success

​You get to design and build your career based on the goals and objectives you are passionate about.

​Open More Doors

​People respect you more for not bowing to the demands of others which opens more doors for you.

​Improved Communication

​Increased self-esteem leads to better communication, based on mutual respect which benefits everyone .

Get instant access to ​Unlock Your Self-Esteem now!

​You don't have to sit in silence and accept things as they are. You can learn to unlock your self-esteem in every area of your life today!

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​you will learn:

​How to transform your perspective. ​The most effective way to overcome low self-esteem is to change your mindset. The exercises within this book will help you to change the way you look at yourself, your life and your environment.

​How to decrease your fear in situations. ​You need to  understand that fear is a perfectly natural response to many situations. Rather than stress about eliminating it; you can learn to reduce it; decrease it's impact and push through it.

​Why you struggle with low self-esteem . ​You will increase your understanding of the issue, where it comes from, how it impacts your life and what you can do to overcome it. You will discover a broad range of exercises which, when practiced regularly, will help you to ovecome your self-esteem issues.


​Really Hits The Spot

​"When I read Carthage's writing, it really hits the spot. It is as if he has written the book specifically for me."

​Louise Donaldson, Cardiff, Wales

​Getting Better Everyday

​"I had some very deep rooted self-esteem issues. I know it will take time to work through all of these issues but with Carthage's help, I am getting there. Each day is a little better than the one before. You can't ask for more than that"

​Sarah Caldwell, United Kingdom

​Unlock Your Self-Esteem Checklist

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​Unlock Your Self-Esteem Resource Guide

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​Bonuses: Unlock Your Self-Esteem Checklist and Resource Guide

​The 'Unlock Your Self-Esteem' Checklist summarises all of the keypoints from the main book; allowing you to refresh your knowlege rapidly and effectively.

​The 'Unlock Your Self-Esteem' Resource Guide provides yoiu with a broad range of resources to continue your learning.

Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

​I am so confident that you will love 'Unlock Your Self-Esteem' that I am offering you an unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you do not like 'Unlock Your Self-Esteem' , for any reason, just email me within 30 days and I will refund your investment. No questions asked.


​It's Easy To See The Difference

​"When you live with low self-esteem, you don't always realise how much harm you are doing to yourself. Now that I have increased my self-esteem and; learned to overcome self-doubt; I can see just how much I was holding myself back."

​Ryan Sewell, Canada

​Where Could I Be Today?

​"Once I had learned to overcome my self-esteem issues, the first thing I thought of was 'Where could I be today if I never  had these issues?' I quickly realised that it's not worth worrying about. I am just enjoying the happier life I lead today."

​Mark O'Brien, Ireland


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Get instant access to ​Unlock Your Self-Esteem now!

​Learn to unlock your self-esteem in every are a of your life, and fulfill your true potential, today.

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