​a very simple question... ​what are your most important values?
(​discover and live your values)

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​A Step by step ​course to discover and live your values

​Your values are a reflection of who you are. What you value helps you to decide what life means to you and what actions you need to take.

Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way that you live your life; forming your own, unique path to personal happiness.

"​The simplest, most effective guide to discovering your values; you'll ever expereince."​​​​​


This is for you if...

​You lack a clear sense of direction in life and regularly experience hesitation and uncertainty when faced with important decisions.

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    ​You are indecisive and uncertain as to the course your life should take so, you feel stuck and lost.
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    ​You suffer with regret and doubt whenever you make a big decision which leads to you delaying or, avoiding important decisions.
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    ​You waste a great deal of time on things which are not really that important to you because ​you are uncertain as to what you really should be focusing on.
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    ​You struggle with low self esteem and occassionally lack emotional intelligence as you have never taken the time to really get to know who you are and; how you want to live your life.

​it is time to change to ​values based living!

​When you choose to be guided by Values Based Living, you will experience the following benefits:

​Greater Self-Esteem

​Your self esteem will soar as you learn to love yourself for who you really are.

​Passion For Life

​Your passion for life will burn brightly as you dedicate your life to the things which are really important to you.


​Improved Performance

​When you choose Values Based Living you are guided by your heart and inner wisdom.

​Better Relationships

​When you adopt Values Based Living, you attract like minded people into all areas of your life.

​Increased Creativity

​Values Based Living connects you with your intuition/inner wisdom where you access your best ideas.

​Better Decisions

​When you are guided by your values, you choose the best option; no matter how difficult it may be.

​Enjoyable Communication

​You believe in your right to your views and the rights of others to their own views.

​Career Happiness

​You feel comfortable making the big career decisions and others respect your decisions.

​Personal Contentment

​You achieve a greater level of personal contentment as you hold the keys to your own happiness.

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​You Will learn

​To identify, define and prioritise your values. ​No two people are the same. Each person has their own values and ranks those values in their own specific order. ​Values Based Living will help you to discover and live your own unique identity.

​The role of values in decision making. ​Making important decisions can be one of the most stressful moments of your life as you fear letting yourself and others down. Giving proper consideration to your values when making important decisions will not only lead to better decisions; it will reduce the stress and anxiety that you experience throughout the process.

​The role of values in maintaining high self-esteem. ​Lasting self esteem comes from knowing who you really are and living a life which is true to your identity. You will never experience high self esteem unless you value yourself and live a life which is true to your values.


​Really Hits The Spot

​"When I ​access Carthage's ​content it really hits the spot. It is as if he has ​created it specifically for me."

​Louise Donaldson, Cardiff, Wales

​Floating On Air

​"I was addicted to approval. I used to worry about everybody and every thing else. Since I ​studied Values Based Living, I feel like I am floating on air. I know who I am and I am happy to be me."

​Karen Jones, Auckland, New Zealand

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​What You Get

You will get all 6 Lessons of the Values Based Living course, where you will learn the importance of your values and; how to identify, prioritise and define your most important core values.

Completion of these ​lessons will ensure that you have a clearly defined set of values by which to live your life and make your most important decisions.​

You​r course is available on all devices so that you can learn at a time which is most convenient for you.


The Values Based Living Workbook

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​A Comprehensive List of Values

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You will get ​the Values Based Living Workbook which will provide you with all the worksheets you need to idenitfy, prioritise and define your most important core values.

​In addition to this, you will also receive a comprehensive list of values to prompt and inspire you.

Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for ​30 DAYS!

​I am so confident that you will enjoy Values Based Living that I am offering you an unconditional ​30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you do not enjoy Values Based Living, for whatever reason, just email me within ​30 days and I will return your investment. No questions asked.


​Indecisive No More

​"I used to be so indecisive. When I was faced with a big decision, it automatically became a dilemma. Now I just consult my values and do what I believe to be right. Decisions are made faster while being more accurate and satisfying."

​Jacob Garee, Alabama, United States

​A Small Price For A Big Investment In Me

​"Values Based Living has proven to be a small price for a big investment in me. The simple exercises which Carthage provides have allowed me to be happy being me. It is not a miracle, it is just simple."

​Betty Priest, Toronto, Canada


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Get instant access to our ​Values Based Living now!

​​Choose to take your happiness into your own hands by adopting Values Based Living today. Click the button below and secure your ​access now.!

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