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The truth about low self-esteem

Do you know someone who has a low opinion of himself? Perhaps someone who consistently thinks she is an under-performer and not worthy of praise or compliments? It could be that person is suffering from low self-esteem. Simply put, your level of self-esteem is how you think about yourself, how you see yourself. Some people […]

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Fostering self belief

Many people, who fail to achieve their objectives, do not fail because of a lack of knowledge or ability. After all, if you are lacking in knowledge or skill, you can simply make it a goal to acquire the necessary knowledge or skill before you pursue the bigger objective. From my coaching experience, I find […]

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11 Benefits of high self-esteem

High self-esteem underpins every positive experience in your life. It helps you to see the positive in every situation; to cope with adversity and to fully appreciate the good times. In the modern, fast-paced society that we live in, there is always someone or something demanding your time and attention. When you are constantly responding […]

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