I remember as a young kid how my father told me that if I found a career which I loved, I would never work a day in my life. My childish attitude at the time meant that I misinterpreted this advice. I was getting images of me parking myself on my butt and giving orders to others who would then do my work for me.

Of course I know now what my father meant. If I love my work then my work won't feel like work. That's a bit of a tongue twister but I am sure that you get my point.

I have worked at many differnet jobs. Sometimes this was due to boredom and on other occassions it was due to travel or just needing to get some money in quickly. Among the jobs I worked were:

  • Charity fundraising
  • Manafacturing pharmaceutical products
  • Window fitting
  • Bar work, etc.

There were aspects of each job that I enjoyed but at the end of the day, they always felt like hard work.

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Discovering purpose

I had always heard of purpose and I thougth that the concept was great but I never felt that I was the kind of person who could have a purpose.

More importantly, I never believed that I was the kind of person who could live his purpose.

Thankfully, I then discovered coaching and I soon realised that it was the profession which would allow me to live my purpose.

As I developed my coaching experience, I realised that the myths I had previously believed about purpose were just not true.

Having helped many people discover their purpose; I now realise that these myths are very common.

If you are believing these myths about purpose, it may well be holding you back from living your purpose and enjoying the happiness and fulfilment that comes with it.

I have created the infographic below to help you understand these myths:

Bonus: You can download the Infographic here


Are you living with purpose? You can check with my FREE Live With Purpose Checklist!

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