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Why does it matter?

Fear, worry and anxiety can overpower you if you let them get out of control. For too long, people adopted the strategy of hoping they would go away or; trying to work around them. However, if you want to make real progress in life, you cannot let your fears, worries and anxieties dictate the terms […]

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What it means to love yourself

​I have always stressed the importance of loving yourself. Where I come from, if somebody says that you love yourself; it is intended as an insult. But, loving yourself is the most natural thing in the world. It is not about having fancy ideas and notions about yourself. Love is a verb and as such, loving yourself […]

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How do you define yourself?

​There are many things which will happen to you in life, good and bad: ​Some people will treat you amazingly well ​Some people will treat you with contempt and disrespect ​There will be accidents and setbacks You will experience great successes, some of which will take you by surprise​However, none of these things define. Others may […]

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