When you want to make big changes in your life, you want to make them as quickly as possible. I know, I have been that way too. But quick fix solutions rarely work, and are often mis-sold with ulterior methods. I have committed to 'No more quick fix solutions'. Today, I want to explain why I think you should too.

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[00:00:00] Hi, it's Carthage here again from Live Your True Story. And I have another quick tip for you today. This time of year is a time we associate with great change. Trying to make improvements to our lives or redesigning our lives in a manner which best suits our needs. It's easy when we're looking to make a change to get fooled into purchasing or buying into in some other way, quick-fix solutions.

But the truth is they rarely work. I have over the years, fallen for many quick-fix solutions, myself, Some were in get rich quick, some were about building your business, some were about weight-loss as I've often struggled with weight throughout my life and whatever area of life we look at to improve, there will always be somebody selling a so-called solution. Somebody trying to make money off our need for change.

And many of these people are great. I myself make my living from helping people to make the changes they desire in their life. So I'm not knocking that at all, but we need to be careful when we are investing ourselves in a solution. One great question to ask yourself when you see somebody setting some magic solution, is, are they achieving great results themselves using the methods they are trying to sell you?

[00:01:29] Of course, we all have seen some obvious imposters. We probably all know people who marketed themselves as personal trainers who were in far worse condition than we are. I mean, I've been in some pretty bad condition in my life from not looking after myself. And I still had some people try and sell me fitness and health services who were in worse condition than I was.

[00:01:53] I've had people try to sell me, get rich quick solutions when they themselves were clearly flat broke, you know, I was in as good a financial position as they were, and yet they were trying to sell me a means by which to get rich. And just about any change I've ever made, I've encountered people like this.

[00:02:11] These scams are easy to spot, but some people are more devious. I recently watched a video by successful British entrepreneur Shaf Rasul In the video, Shaf shows how a self-proclaimed property tycoon has a credit rating, so poor that he could not even get enough credit to buy a pencil. I mean, it's ridiculous how poor this guy's credit rating was.

[00:02:37] And he only owned one property. Obviously, there's nothing wrong with owning one property. I own one myself, but I'm not proclaiming myself to be a property tycoon. And I'm not trying to teach people how to become property tycoons. Every day. I see some internet marketer trying to sell a, get rich method.

[00:02:55] When they're advertising there, get rich method, they show us videos, they show us photos, all these so-called forms of proof that they have done all they say they do. Now, some of that in itself is nonsense. But even those who have made money, if you dig deep enough, you will find that they rarely made the money using the method they're trying to sell to you because how they're making their money is they're convincing people like you and I, that they have this solution to meet our needs.

[00:03:28] And they're selling us a course or information upon that solution, but they don't use that solution themselves. That's not how to make their money. They're making the money off selling you to course. In fact, if you dig into the method that they're selling their so-called solution, it's most likely useless or at best, it's nothing special.

[00:03:47] You could find this, not just in the finances with the game areas like with loss or another big area on the internet, for example, is how to attract your ideal partner. All these methods are just a way of getting people [00:04:00] who are desperate for change to part with their hard-earned cash. There are some people who can advise you in these areas, but they don't need to go into all of that kind of heavy marketing, you know, presenting this magic image of themselves.

[00:04:13] Of course, if you purchased a solution that's been offered to you when it doesn't work for you, it will, of course, be your fault for not applying it properly. The person who sold you it won't take any responsibility. It's you didn't do what you were supposed to do. You didn't apply it right and the problem lies on your end.

[00:04:32] And the problem with that kind of approach is that ends up damaging the customer's self-esteem. If somebody's looking to make a change, there's a possibility that they already have self-esteem issues,  they're vulnerable to it. With any major change and when they then try something that's promised to be the silver bullet, the holy grail for change, to get them the results they want and it doesn't work and then they're told it's their fault, well, of course, that's going to damage their [00:05:00] self-esteem further.

[00:05:01] That's what really bugs me about all these quick-fix solutions. People invest themselves in it. They think that everything's going to be solved overnight. When it doesn't work out for them, their confidence and their self-esteem is damaged while the person who knew it was never going to work is laughing their head off with their hard-earned cash.

] So I just have enough of this nonsense. And this year I've decided that I am going to be my number one client. Now, what I mean by that is I'm going to work on making the subtle changes I want to make in my life, which I think will help me live more of the life. I really want to be living, but I'm not going to do true quick-fix solutions.

[00:05:42] Instead, what I'm doing is trying to develop simple little habits in each area that is important to me. So I'm going to focus on each area of my life. Things like health, business finance spirituality, which is very important to me and other areas. And I'm going to try and ] instill good little habits in each of those areas.

[00:06:04] And I'm going to start the habits as small as is necessary to get them going, to build some momentum. So I'm not going to do get rich quick solutions. I'm not going to expect magic results overnight. I'm going for gradual steady change. I'm going to use the traditional methods of consistent and deliberate action

[00:06:25] each day, I get up, take the little steps I need to take, to get where I want to go to. As a personal trainer friend of mine said, and he always preached this to me. I

[00:06:35] f you do the right thing, 80% of the time. You will get great results.

[00:06:41] And that's the thing to remember with any new habit. You're not going to get it right 100% of the time. It's going to take a little time to bed in. And even when it has bedded in, you're going to miss out on it every now and again, you're going to either, forget to do it, or maybe you get into a little bit of lazy mood because our energy [00:07:00] ebbs and flows, ups, and downs as does our motivation and every now and again, we let it slide.

[00:07:06] And that's OK. Don't ever feel the need to beat yourself up of that. So I wanted to share this with you because I wanted to let you know that I am trying to do things the right way. What I tell you that I am doing or what I suggest to you that you should be doing, or that you should consider doing to make improvements in your life; I'm doing those same things.

And throughout the year, I will let you know how I'm getting on with various little projects, various  little improvements, and maybe you can join me. Set a target of your own. Identify some good habits that you want to instill to embed in your life and work on them day by day, I want to be the best support I can be for all my readers and listeners, and followers.

[00:07:51] And please feel free to join me on that journey. Let me know how you're getting on. I think that's enough set on the topic for today. Thank you for listening. Take care.

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