​Things will go wrong in life. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to achieve or, how good you are; you will have negative experiences. The degree of the negativity may vary but when things do not go as you hoped, you are highly likely to experience negativity.  The duration of the negative experience will vary as will the intensity of the experience, ranging from disappointment to anger. How you feel and how long you feel it for is totally dependent on you. It is important that you prevent these negative experiences from getting too intense and lasting too long but it is just as important that you balance the scales and provide yourself with positive experiences and positive messages to counteract the negativity.

​Negative to Positive

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Why you need to balance the scales

You don’t need to delude yourself into thinking that everything is wonderful in your life. However, what you may not realise is that when things go wrong, you regularly delude yourself into thinking that everything is terrible in your life. That is the overpowering nature of negativity. It consumes you to the point where you are incapable of seeing all of the good in your life.

To have positive results you have to have a positive attitude, there is no way that a negative person will achieve positive results. Some people would have you believe that a positive outlook is all you need to have a successful life but that isn’t true. What is true is that when you have a positive outlook, you are better able to see opportunities and better able to cope with difficulties. When you do these things better, you put yourself in a much better position to take advantage of the opportunities which come your way.

Being positive gives you hope for a better outcome.

You attract what you think about

Have you ever noticed how pessimists tend to get more bad luck and how very negative people tend to be surrounded by more negative people? It is not a coincidence. Whatever you are focusing on; you are sending out a message that you want more of that in your life. For example, if you look miserable and complain about everything, you will attract people who love to moan and complain about life too. As they say ‘Misery loves its own company.’

But if you start to focus more on the things that you want and think about all the positives happening in your life, you also bring in more of that. If you are someone who is always positive and happy; people who are positive and happy will want to spend time with you. After all, you are not going to want to spend time people who feel the opposite to what you really want to feel.

But what about the bad stuff?

Bad things are going to happen and they will usually be out of your control. Instead of fighting against the bad things, you can choose to accept them for what they are. Always accept the things you cannot change, that will help avoid disappointments. If you think about it, you shouldn’t really be too disappointed about a problem or setback which couldn’t be avoided. You can’t prevent it from happening; as it has already occurred so, wouldn’t it be better to spend your energy thinking of and, implementing, positive solutions to the problem?

Just because you have accepted that the bad event has happened; it does not mean that you have to accept that it must be that way forever. Rather than being negative, focus your energies on finding a positive way forward.

Easy ways to balance the scales

​Don’t just accept the negativity in your life without giving it some competition. Feed your brain with positivity on a daily basis to counteract all of that negativity. It will help you create a more positive outlook:

1. Appreciate and be grateful

​You have many great people and things in your life. Take time each day to be grateful for them. Don’t just be grateful; take the time to appreciate how much better your life is for having these people and things in your life.

2. Affirm

​Each day, take time to practice some positive affirmations. Tell yourself about your strengths and greatness. Feed these positive messages to your brain so that you can appreciate just how amazing you really are.

3. Acknowledge your achievements

Each day, you do some wonderful things. Maybe they are work related or maybe they are just acts of kindness. If somebody else did these things for you, you would be sure to tell them how great their achievements were. Show the same kindness to yourself.

It is too easy in life to overlook all that you achieve. Don’t treat yourself like this. Take time each day to fill your life with the positivity which comes from recognising how far you have come.

​Negative to Positive

​You can identify some key changes to allow you start living a more positive life with my FREE eBook - From Negative to Positive.

Get Your FREE Copy Here

4. Visualise

Building the life of your dreams can be incredibly hard work. It can be a real slog where you have to perform tasks you hate and suffer setbacks you never expected. It is easy to get very negative about this and; even give up.

To avoid this, take the time to create a vision for the life you are trying to create and spend time each day visualising this life. Visualisation is one of the most powerful, positive and motivating tools you can use to create a positive outlook.

For more great tips to build a positive, success-focused mindset, check out​ Unbreakable Self Confidence.


​You will have negative experiences in your life. They will happen every day. They may range in the intensity of the negative feelings and the duration of the experience but over time, this negativity adds up. You can end up with a very negative outlook on life which can really inhibit your ability to create the life you desire. It is imperative that you balance the scales with strong, positive emotions and feelings to counteract the impact of the negativity. When you do so, you will find that you are more positive, happier and more effective.


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