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Why does it matter?

Fear, worry and anxiety can overpower you if you let them get out of control. For too long, people adopted the strategy of hoping they would go away or; trying to work around them. However, if you want to make real progress in life, you cannot let your fears, worries and anxieties dictate the terms […]

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Detachment from beliefs

Beliefs can be powerful. When we adopt powerful beliefs and choose to live by those beliefs we can achieve great things. However, we must always accept that there will be people who disagree with us. Failing to recognise and respect the right of others to disagree can result in arguments and unnecessary stress. Some people will always feel […]

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Express Your Gratitude

​If you receive something you really love, would you let the person who gave it to you know that you loved it or; that you would like more? I am sure that you were taught that it is good manners to express your gratitude by saying ‘thank you’. Unfortunately, for many people, saying ‘thank you’ […]

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