​There are many things which will happen to you in life, good and bad:

  • ​Some people will treat you amazingly well
  • ​Some people will treat you with contempt and disrespect
  • ​There will be accidents and setbacks
  • You will experience great successes, some of which will take you by surprise

​However, none of these things define.

Others may try to define you, based on their own opinions or assumptions.

But only you can define you.

In this great talk, the ever-inspirational Lizzie Velasquez explains the importance of defining yourself as she asks you,

'How do you define yourself.'

​Source: TEDx Talks

​Key Takeaways

​The following are some of my key takeways from  this talk:

  • ​​​​There is a positive way to view most situations.
  • ​The only person who can define you is you.
  • ​You life is in your hands; you choose the direction of travel.
  • ​​How you define yourself determines what you are prepared to do
  • ​How you define yourself influences your interactions with everybody else. .

​Values Based Living

In this talk, Lizzie talks about the importance of living by your own standards. Having clearly defined values will help you do so.

Check out 'Values Based Living' for more info.

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