Words are one of the most powerful tools you possess. When used in a positive manner, your words can inspire others to perform better than they had ever thought possible. The world of sport demonstrates how a few well chosen, positive words can inspire someone to great things. So much so that most of the world’s top sports clubs have their own sports psychologists as well as an extensive coaching team. That is the power of words.

The power of words can also be used for negative means. They can be used to insult, judge, mock, slander and belittle. The power of words has been abused to start arguments, ruin relationships, end careers, destroy lives; there have even been wars started over words. If you think about the world of music, you will see how words can be used to manipulate emotions and feelings.

So far, I have shown how the power of words can impact on others. They also impact on the person speaking the words.  If you consistently speak positively of others, you too will be filled with positivity. If you seek to speak negatively of others, the negativity will fill your mind like a poison. It will consume you. This impacts on every aspect of your life e.g. it is difficult to achieve challenging goals, or manage positive relationships, when you are consumed by negativity. Other people will see the negativity oozing out of you and they will avoid you like the plague

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5 Tips to harness the power of words

​The following tips will help you to use the power of words as a positive force in your life:

1. Express gratitude

Whenever someone does a good deed for you, offer your sincere gratitude. Speak positively of them to others. Also, on a daily basis thank God (or whoever, or whatever you believe in) for all the good people and good things in your life. Be positive and let your gratitude be known.

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2. Offer a positive

When somebody is being spoken ill of; say something positive about them. When people start complaining about others, they only see the negative. By offering something positive you can help to change their mindset.

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 3. Refuse to participate in the negativity

Rather than stand there listening to the negativity being offered by others, attempt to change the subject. If they do not wish to change the subject, state that you are unwilling to participate in the gossiping and walk away.

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 4. Be constructive

​When you do have to say something about another person’s behaviour; say it to them using a constructive feedback model. People appreciate honesty; they do not appreciate being criticised behind their back.

​Assertiveness Tactics Report

Assertiveness is the ultimate skillset for making the biggest impact with your words. You can learn great strategies with my FREE Assertiveness Tactics report.

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 5. Ask a powerful question

If people are gossiping and speaking negatively of others, ask them ‘Will this get you the outcome you desire?’ This usually helps them to see that the gossiping serves no useful purpose.

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​If you consistently apply these tips, people will soon realise that you have no interest in gossip. Either they will stop their gossiping, or more likely, they will stop gossiping when you are present. You will be seen as someone who has honesty and integrity. Your relationships will improve as more people trust and respect you. But, more importantly than all of that, you will be able to look at yourself in the mirror and know that you have done your best to treat yourself and everyone else with respect. That is a feeling that money cannot buy. So, stop taking words for granted. Make a commitment to use the power of words as a force for good in your life. You will soon see a real and positive difference.


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