It may seem easy to just adopt a positive attitude to life. You probably will not need a lot of convincing to at least give it a try. After all, what do you have to lose? People let their attitude guide them all of the time. Unfortunately, most of the time, the attitude is a negative one. It is often easier to see how a negative attitude influences your life. This is just human nature to see negative over positive. We are more often drawn to drawing out the negative over the positive. Pessimistic attitudes seem to flood the world, while optimism is slowly drowning.

Why you should adopt a positive attitude – 5 key arguments

The following points will help to make the argument for why you should adopt a positive attitude:

1. You have seen how a negative attitude affects others

You can probably come up with many examples of how negative thinking or a negative attitude has turned into a negative situation. You can probably point out negative people and give plenty of examples how that negative attitude is influencing their life.

Take a moment to list all of the people you know who generally have a negative disposition. Now think of all the negative experiences they tell you about and all the negative news that they share. How do you feel when you have to listen to all of that?

2. Your own experience

You may even be able to look at your own life and see how negativity has affected you. It’s likely you have let a negative attitude direct you in at least one situation in your life. Can you remember a time when your negative attitude caused problems in a situation?

You can probably look at it now and see just how the negative attitude worked against you. Even if the situation was not a positive one to begin with, your negative attitude likely comes into play. I once had a manger who, every time that I became negative, would ask me ‘Will that get you the outcome you desire?’. To this day, I have never been able to answer ‘Yes’.

This demonstrates the destructive nature of a negative attitude; it also teaches you that you want to do everything possible to make sure your attitude is positive. You need to start looking at the positive. You have to train your mind to find the positive in everything. Take the negative you cannot ignore and turn it into a positive. If it is something which has to be changed, identify a positive action that you can take to change the situation.

3. A positive attitude creates belief and determination

With a positive attitude there are no roadblocks that you cannot handle. You are determined to find a way past any obstacle which may block your path. You know that there will be challenges but you are confident enough and determined enough to take them on. It is a long time since Henry Ford told us that whether we believe that we can or believe that we cannot; we are right. Ford understood the importance of a positive attitude and that comment is as true today as it was then.

4. A positive attitude feeds itself

When you adopt a positive attitude to life, it changes your life in many ways. It changes your thoughts, your goals and the actions that you take on a daily basis. The new, more positive thoughts and goals will go a long way towards reinforcing your new attitude and making it stick. They help you to see the benefits of your new way of life and when you start to experience the benefits, you become determined not to go back to your old ways.

5. Your attitude influences others

When you interact with other people you are basically broadcasting your attitude. You want those interactions to be positive. This will allow you to bring positive things into your life. A good example is during a job interview. If you approach the interview with a negative attitude then you likely will not get the job.

Go to the same interview with a positive attitude and you have a better chance of getting that job. The way you approach others can have a huge impact on your life, so make sure you are using your attitude as your ally when interacting with others.

A positive attitude is one of the core components of self confidence. If you struggle with your self confidence, check out Unbreakable Self Confidence.

When you adopt a positive attitude, it will take some time to make it routine. In the beginning, you will likely have to work hard to make sure you are being positive in every aspect of your life. You will have to make an effort to stay positive and to think positive. It can be difficult, especially if you often give in to negative thoughts and actions. Developing a positive attitude is about making everything in your life positive. That means associating with positive people, keeping yourself in positive situations and surrounding yourself with positive things. You have to get rid of negativity. You have to start being positive about everything. You are paving your road with the positive and this will lead you to positive results.


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