​If you receive something you really love, would you let the person who gave it to you know that you loved it or; that you would like more? I am sure that you were taught that it is good manners to express your gratitude by saying ‘thank you’. Unfortunately, for many people, saying ‘thank you’ has just become a habit whereby they are not really expressing their gratitude because they have not really taken the time to feel and experience the gratitude. For example, next time you say ‘thank you’; ask yourself why you felt the need to say it. If you just felt that you should or; you are not clear about why you felt the need to say it then, you didn’t really express your gratitude.

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Gratitude and, being appreciative for all that you have are critical components of living a happy, positive life. You can learn more about positive living with my FREE eBook - From Negative to Positive.

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What it really means to express your gratitude

acknowledge the good express your gratitude

Before you can express your gratitude, you must first take the time to be grateful. You must understand how you have benefitted from whatever it is that you received e.g. the bus driver didn’t just drive you to work; they ensured that you got to work on time and safe, in a healthy and stress free (relatively speaking) condition which will allow you to begin your working day in the right frame of mind. When you take the time to realise this; you will feel more grateful than ever towards your bus driver and you will properly express your gratitude. This is sincere gratitude.

Once you develop an attitude of sincere gratitude for all the blessings you receive, this unleashes the power for you to receive even more than you already have. Imagine how the bus driver would feel if every passenger expressed sincere gratitude. Don’t you think they would take even greater care of their passengers and offer and even higher level of service to everyone they meet? I am not trying to imply that bus drivers don’t care but everyone performs to a higher level and gives better service when they know that they are appreciated

You have plenty to express your gratitude for

be mindful express your gratitude

There is no doubt that you have many blessings in your life for which you can express your gratitude but do you even recognise them? If you don’t believe me; I invite you to play a little gratitude game. For the next week, every time you meet somebody or are talking to someone; once you are finished, imagine what your life would be like without them in it. I am sure that there will be a few people whom you think you’d be better off without but in the majority of cases, you should realise that your life would be worse without them. Also, try the same for your possessions e.g. your car, your computer etc.

When you play this gratitude game with sincerity; you soon begin to see all of the people and all of the things which you take for granted. Hopefully, you will realise that you need to be more grateful for all of the blessings that you have received. This means taking nothing for granted and giving due recognition to whoever and whatever adds value to your life. Never stay quiet when there is an opportunity to express your gratitude.

Starting to express your gratitude

if the only prayer epxress your gratitude

You may think that you need to wait for the big events to happen before you can be really grateful e.g. births, marriages, job promotions etc. A proper gratitude mindset does not wait for these bigger events. There is much more in life to be grateful for so take the time to appreciate each and every one of them.  This can start as simply as expressing your gratitude each morning for the fact that you have woken up to a brand-new day. You also don’t need to express your gratitude to another person. You can say ‘thank you’ to God or life itself (depending on your beliefs)

To help you along, you can generate a list of the things for which you are grateful and read over it each day. Don’t just produce the list once; keep adding to it each day. It can be a little journal to remind you of the good things, good people and good times. Whenever you are feeling down, you can take the list out, read over it and reflect upon the good fortune you have in your life. This will have you feeling better, more confident and more motivated very quickly

Some things you might wish to express your gratitude for

​If you are not used to feeling sincere gratitude, it can seem difficult to find things to express your gratitude for but they are all around you. Like anything, gratitude is a learned behaviour. It’s something you find easier the more and more you practice.  The following are some simple tips to get you started:

1. Things you own

let us be grateful express your gratitude

​Make a list of all the things that you own and for each one; write a paragraph about why you are fortunate to have it in your life. It can be as simple as being grateful for the shoes on your feet and how they help you to walk comfortably and protect you from sharp objects.


​To discover the true benefits of gratitude, read Top 11 ways gratitude enhances your life.

2. Having the means to travel

true forgiveness express your gratitude

Be grateful for your car or the public transport you use. You can be grateful for all of the travel options available to you with flights, ferries etc. It is possible to go on holiday to anywhere on Earth nowadays.

Many people don’t realise how fortunate they are to have so many travel options but things have really improved over the past 50 years. My Uncle emigrated from Ireland in 1945 and my mother, his youngest sister, was born in 1947. He didn’t get home again until 1975. My mother first met her oldest brother when she was 28. That was common back then but thankfully, it is not so common nowadays.


​Read 9 Secrets to living a meaningful life to discover ways to help you make a bigger impact.

3. The tools of your trade

walk as if you are express your gratitude

​Whether you are a tradesman or, like me, you work with computers, you need some tools and equipment to carry out your work. These tools and equipment allow you to make a living, to feed yourself and your family. Feel free to express your gratitude for them.

​From Negative to Positive

Gratitude and, being appreciative for all that you have are critical components of living a happy, positive life. You can learn more about positive living with my FREE eBook - From Negative to Positive.

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4. People

we must find the time express your gratitude

​Think of all of the people who come in and out of your life. Those who have helped you along the way and those who are no longer with us. Isn’t it only fair to be grateful for the value they have added to your life?


​Gratitude can help to build trust in relationships. Read 13 Simple strategies for building trust to get more advice on building trust in your relationships.

5. The lessons you have learned

when we give express your gratitude

Not everything in life goes smoothly but there are always lessons to be learned; if you are prepared to look for them. Remember you are a better person today, not just for the things that went as planned but also for the lessons you learned from the things which went wrong.


​Gratitude and, the ability to express your gratitude comes from having the right values and living true to those values. Learn how to live true to your values with Values Based Living.


​When you begin to appreciate life and even the small things that may happen to you, you also begin to create a life of happiness, harmony, contentment and bliss. But it’s not just about feeling better. When you are happier and more confident, you make better decisions and you are better able to recognise the opportunities that lie before you. When you express your gratitude, on a daily basis, it improves every area of your life.


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