​When I find great content, I like to share it with you. I am a massive ​Simon Sinek fan as I believe he is incredibly wise a​cross a broad range of topics including leadership and emotional intelligence.

I have recently been watching this great talk about why people are struggling to succeed, both socially and professionally, in the modern environment. It's such an insightful, and humorous, talk that I felt I should share it with you.

​Source: Team Fearless

​Key Takeaways

​The following are some of my key takeways from  this talk:

  • ​​There are many cases where parents feel they are helping their children but they are in fact causing problems for them, further down the line..
  • ​While technology has brought many great elements to our life; it can be disruptive, harmful and extremely addictive; which can cause relationship problems.
  • ​We ​no longer have any idea how to build great relationships.
  • ​Instant gratification has seen a growth in impatience. Many people are now failing to succeed because they are too impatient to wait for success.
  • ​Most modern companies care more about profits than their employees which can then cause long-term problems for both the employee and the company.

​In this talk, Simon talks about how the need for approval causes major problems when building relationships. My article on 13 Approval seeking behaviours you need to stop will help you identify the approval seeking behaviours you are most guilty of.


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